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Music Performance: Introduction

Resources for Performance units ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136 and ATS3137

Introduction to Music Performance

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Streamed video featuring the performances of many musicians can be found here: 
 Jazz  (Over 150 streamed films of many Jazz musicians from 1946 until 2006)
Masterclasses (Over 200 streamed films of pianists, string players, wind players conductors and more ...)

Sources for Performance are arranged by instrument groups. To find further examples of methods and pedagogy in Search enter the keywords instruction and study and the name of your instrument, or instrument group. Where possible, the books are available as an ebooks and audio visual resources as streamed video or streamed audio. By clicking the blue hypertext title for each work you will see a record with a subject which will take you to further resources in the same subject area. If you are seeking a particular kind of resource, please contact your librarian or your learning skills adviser.

Databases for finding literature sources
Ebscohost Research which includes Music Index and RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
Proquest which includes a Music & Performing Arts Collection

Google Scholar uses the familiar Google search engine to search peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles.

More databases can be found on the Music library guide: Databases and Indexes

Approaches for all

There is also a website MusiciansWay.Com which offers advice and recommendations for further reading.

Useful information about musicians, repertoire and recordings may be found on streaming databases.

Masterclasses on Streamed Video

Medici.TV is a database containing a number of masterclasses: