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Music Performance

Resources for Performance units ATS1044, ATS1045, ATS2122, ATS2123, ATS3136 and ATS3137

Jazz and Improvisation

Welcome to the Jazz and Improvisation Library guide! This guide aims to provide selected repertoire, methods and research resources. Refer also to Jazz Performance and Jazz History. See also the Music Library Guide.

Australian Jazz Real Book

The Australian Jazz Real Book is online. Click the link below and see all the lead sheets.

Australian Jazz Real Book

Jazz & Improvisation Resources

Use the subject headings of the following books to find more on the same topic. For example, 
Piano music (Jazz) -- Instruction and study
Piano -- Methods (Jazz)

Substitute your instrument for piano.
See also ATS2060 Teaching Music Performance: Jazz and Improvisation

Recent Additions to online resources

Phrasing and Freedom with Brushes (2020)


Beginner's Guide to Big Band Drumming (2019)

Further Online Resources

Print Books

A number of 'songbooks' can be found online.

A Fake Book is a collection of scores and a tool for learning which presents the music to standards and popular tunes.  Important jazz fake books include The Ultimate Jazz Fakebook in editions for C .B♭, and E♭ instruments, the Charlie Parker Omnibook, and the Jamey Aebersold publications. The Story of Fake Books: Bootlegging songs to musicians tells the story,

Books & Audiovisual


Essential indexes to music journals

For further databases go to the Music Library Guide.

Selected Streamed Video

Streamed Sound

Use databases to find journal articles, including peer-reviewed scholarly material. Use Sound databases to listen to streamed music.

The following databases relate specifically to music studies and can be found on the Library's A-Z Databases page.

Journals and Databases

Databases & Journals at Monash University Library

Monash University Library has tens of thousands of journals available online and in print.

Click the tabs above to see some of the best journals publishing new research for Jazz and Improvisation.


Monash University Library offers students access to databases of academic literature as well as sound and video collections. 

Click the tabs above to access some of the databases collections.

Analysis of arrangements