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780.92                                  Biographies include Jazz musicians
781.65                                  General Jazz histories
781.6509                              Jazz history and criticism
781.65094                            Jazz by country
781.650973 - 781.6509794     Jazz in USA
781.650994 -                         Australian Jazz
781.65117                            Multiple Jazz topics
785.42                                 Jazz groups/ensembles (another sequence of books from general history to particular topics)


SF781.371655                    Arranging jazz
S781.65                              Fake books
S781.65136                        Jazz instruction and study
S786.2165193                    Piano jazz methods (Oscar Peterson, Steve Sedergreen, Fats Waller etc.)

In addition to the general introductions below Matthew Butterfield's article "Jazz" from Oxford Bibliographies gives a good overview of reference works, books, discographies and journals.

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