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Music: Scores

Selected resources for students of music

Online scores

For contemporary scores:

Printed Music Scores

Print music scores are found on Level 1 of the Matheson Library

Use Search to find the music by composer or title.
Print music scores are divided into the following sequences. The prefix and the call number indicate where the music score is located in the collection.
Online scores are available using your Monash username and password. See the descriptions and links on this page. For example, Classical Scores Library.

P780 arranged by instrument
​Performance scores with parts are arranged by your instrument (e.g. flute) or ensemble (trio, quartet etc.). Within each section you can browse composers A-Z.

S780 arranged A-Z by composer
Collected editions of composers works, full scores and some performance scores with parts

Miniature scores or study scores arranged A-Z by composer

S781.65 Jazz
Includes many Jazz scores, transciptions, real books and books about jazz arranging

S786-S788 Methods, studies and orchestral excerpts
Includes Examination repertoire e.g. AMEB
These scores are often arranged by instrument as follows:
S782.5-S783.5  Methods and Vocal Studies

S786  Keyboard and Percussion Instruments

S786.2  Piano
S786.4 Harpsichord
S786.5 Organ
S786.84 Vibraphone
S786.9 Drums

​S787  Stringed Instruments

S787.2  Violin
S787.3 Viola
S787.3-.4 Cello
S787.5 Double Bass
S787.61* Guitar

​S788  Woodwinds

S788.3 Flute
S788.36* Recorder
S788.62 Clarinet
S788.7* Mostly Saxophone

S788.9  Brass

S788.92 Trumpet
S788.93 Trombone
S788.94 Horn
S788.97 Euphonium
S788.98 Tuba

​SEF780 / XSEF
 arranged A-Z by composer
Large scores and extra large scores are located in a separate sequence so you may open them easily to browse.