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Monash University has subscribed to SciVal, a powerful tool which enables you to:

  • visualise research performance
  • benchmark relative to peers
  • develop collaborative partnerships
  • analyze research trends

For more information:

Research Impact

Dictionary definition of impact as 'the benefit or contribution to society of research'


The impact and influence of scholarly publications such as journal articles and books can be measured in a variety of ways. Metrics, such as the number of citations, can be used in grant and job applications to demonstrate the impact of your publications and research.

This guide provides an overview of commonly used metrics, and advice for developing a publishing strategy:

  • Article Impact What metrics measure the impact of an individual article?
  • Journal Quality and Impact  How do I identify the best journals to publish in? How can I compare journals and their impact?
  • Book Impact What metrics measure the impact of a book?
  • Researcher Impact How can I use metrics to highlight my impact?
  • Researcher Profiles  What tools are available for promoting my research and publications?
  • Publishing  What should I consider when developing a publishing strategy?
  • Open Access What it is, what versions can be made openly available and what policies exist?
  • Open data What is it and what are the benefits? Where can I make open data available? What licence could be applied? How do you cite open data?