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Research metrics and publishing: FWCI-Field Weighted Citation Impact

FWCI (Field Weighted Citation Impact)

Field-Weighted Citation Impact takes into account the differences in research behaviour across disciplines.
Source/Tool: SciVal

It is calculated using the ratio of the total citations actually received by the denominator's output, and the total citations that would be expected based on the average of the subject field. It shows how the number of citations of a researcher compares with the world average for similar publications, normalised for the research field as documented in the Scopus database.
Unlike the Citation Count for an output, which can only remain the same or increase, the value of FWCI may fluctuate up or down over time as the citation rate for a given output speeds up or slows down relative to other literature being published on the topic and any changes in the research area.

image of the FWCI calculation. The global average is 1 so an FWCI greater than 1 indicates your personal average is above the global average.