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Research metrics and publishing: Google Scholar

Google Scholar (Google)


Google Scholar Profile

Harzing Publish or Perish

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Selected metrics

-h-index (Author)

-i10-index (publications from the last 10 years)

-sum of citations

-citations per publication

-h5-index (Publication)


-Egghe's g-index

-average citations per paper

-citations per author

-papers per author

-citations per year

Coverage & features

-Journals, theses, books, abstracts, court opinions, grey literature (total content coverage unclear)

-Limited quality control

-Citation counts will always be higher as they are counted not only for articles but also these, syllabus, Table of Contents etc.

-Citation errors

-Provides more complex author analysis, data based on Google scholar citations, and Microsoft Academic.

-Can also import Scopus and Web of Science citation data if subscribed. 
Updates Monthly on average  
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