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  • Policy document citations / mentions
  • Clinical guidelines citations 
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Overton has indexed more than 5.5 million documents from more than 1,500 policy sites that host documents from over 25,000 organisations

Overton finds citations of scholarly articles: in August 2021 Overton contained ~ 10.8 million citations of DOIs from 1,504 sources.

Policy-to-policy citations:  Overton also tracks citations within the policy literature rather than just from policy documents to scholarly articles. There are ~3.2 million policy-to-policy citations in the database. They are kept in a separate index, but are searchable alongside the ~ 10.8 million policy-article citations.

Full-text indexing: Overton indexes the full-text of policy documents. For books and book chapters, you can search for the title of the book (or chapter) in full-text policy documents to uncover its citations.

Context/Auditability: Overton shows the context of the citation: the text in the document where the reference is made, and the reference itself

Transparency: Users can see the list of all Overton policy sources at when they are logged in.

Filters: Overton allows you to Filter to type of source, and to organisational author within a source (e.g. within Publications Office of the EU), and by SDG (among other filters).

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