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Research metrics and publishing: Author IDs & Profiles

Unique author identifiers

Getting started

For accurate author metrics, you must first have all of your work correctly attributed to you in the citation databases (Scopus/Web of Science).

Similar names or name variations can lead to difficulties in tracking an  individual's scholarly outputs. This makes unique 'author identifiers' important as a means of distinguishing yourself from others.

Depending on the tool some identifiers and associated profiles may be automatically created for you, but you are still responsible for ensuring that the publication and author data is correct and up-to-date. For some identifiers/profiles you may need to claim them yourself and also populate and maintain them. These identifiers and profiles can often also be integrated and linked to enable automatic updating.

Key author identifier/profile tools are:

  •               ORCID (Open researcher and contributor ID)
  •               Web of Science ResearcherID (formerly on Publons)
  •               Scopus Author Identifier
  •               Google Scholar profile
  •               Monash myResearcher profile

Use the tabs on the side Navigation for each tool to find out more and for instructions on how to register for an Identifier or clean up your profile and claim your publications.