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Research metrics and publishing: ORCID


An ORCID ID is a unique researcher identifier that identifies you and your work.

To get credit for all of your research outputs image demonstrating a range of variations on a single author's namethey must be correctly attributed to you. ORCID solves the problem of author name ambiguity that may occur due to a name change during a career, differences in publisher formatting of names, or researchers with the same or similar names.


ORCID is an internationally recognised, free Identifier that ties all of your research outputs to YOU regardless of institutional affiliation, stage of
career or name variants used.
image demonstrating that the ORCID stays with a researcher through all stages of their career


How to create an ORCID identifier

Set up a free, permanent, unique ORCiD identifier. Your ORCiD ID can easily link with other researcher ID schemes.

ORCID and Monash

You can also create an ORCID ID through the link provided on your personal profile in Pure.
Adding an ORCID ID will increase the accuracy of the harvest of research outputs from Scopus into Pure.

If you have linked your personal profile in Pure with your ORCID, updates to your outputs in Pure can be automatically pushed to ORCID.