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Research metrics and publishing: h-index

h-index- Author

Source/Tool:  Web of ScienceScopus or Google Scholar  

The h-index combines the number of papers an author has produced (productivity)
animaging showing the h index calculationd the number of citations to those papers (influence) in a single number.

In the example on the right, the researcher would have an h-index of 8,
as 8 of their articles have been cited at least 8 or more times by other authors, and the remaining articles have each been cited 8 times or less.

Responsible metrics:

  • The h-index of researchers across disciplines should
    not be compared, because of the differences in publishing
    and citation practices.
  • The career stage of a reseacher will impact a h-index so 
    those at different stages should not be compared.

Note: Your h-index may be different in each database due to differences in content coverage and frequency of updates.