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Research metrics and publishing: Author metrics

Author metrics

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  • h index
  • FWCI (Field Weighted Citation Impact)
  • total number of publications
  • total citations, average citations
  • % of documents cited
  • documents in the top 1%, top 10%
  • % first author publications
  • citer analysis (who is citing you?)
  • how quickly are you being cited?                    


Your publication track record

To obtain a profile of your publication metrics (h-index, citations by year, total citations etc.) search the following databases to see which one best represents your research outputs:

Additional tools for benchmarking yourself against peers and evaluating institutional productivity worldwide:

Indicators of esteem

Another way of examining research activity is to consider measures of esteem. Some examples include:

  • Awards or prizes
  • Editor of a prestigious work of reference
  • Recipient of a nationally competitive research fellowship or grant
  • Membership of a statutory committee such as AIATSIS
  • Peer review record
  • Invitations to speak, particularly as the keynote
  • International research collaborations
  • Key industry partnerships
  • PhD supervisions
  • Contribution to policy debate or legislation change
  • Contribution to professional guidelines or standards
  • Curriculum developments or teaching excellence