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Research metrics and publishing: Patents

Patent impact

Patents often cite research papers as well as other patents. If your original research has been cited in a patent, this shows the connection between your work and industry or commercial activity.

If you have your own patents, this shows how your research has led to innovation or technical change. If your patents have been cited by other patents or scholarly research, this shows how your work has subsequently advanced other research or inventions.

For patents, there is a time delay of about 18 months after the patent application date for the patent to be published and available for use in research metrics.


SciVal identifies and counts citations that research papers have received from patents, and links to both the citing patents and cited articles. When viewing your record in the 'Overview' module in SciVal, see the 'Economic Impact' heading to view patent related metrics.


Dimensions allows you to search for yourself by selecting the 'Researcher' option on the left and entering your name. Your researcher profile will show if any of your outputs are cited in patents. Under the patent heading you will see patents, their patent families, any patent citations with links, and legal events. From the menu on the left you can further refine to see FoR codes and other additional information relating to the patents.

Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric allows you to search for yourself by selecting the 'Edit search' option and entering your name in the Verified Author field. Patent mentions can be viewed under Policy and patents in the Attention Breakdown. On an Altmetric Details Page, the Patents tab lists mentions by time of publication in descending order. You can see the patent title, the application ID and the registration body. Clicking on a mention will send you to the patent page on the Dimensions platform. Patent mentions appear as dark orange in the Altmetric donut.


Google Patents

Google patents is a large searchable index of patents. The full text of a patent record includes a list of citing patents, the family to family patent citations, parent applications, priority applications, legal events, and the non-patent related literature citations.

For additional Monash databases that include patents see this list.