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Research metrics and publishing: Book metrics

Book and book chapter metrics

Book metrics often rely on the same citation indexes as those used for journal article metrics. Non citation based measures are also listed below.

Citation metrics for books

Book Citation Index (Web of Science)

  • The Book Citation Index Science (BKCI-S) and Book Citation Index Social Sciences & Humanities (BKCI-SSH) are part of the of Web of Science Core Collection. To limit to book citation indexes, click Web of Science Index from the results screen and make your selection.
  • Selected books appear in the Master book list which may be an indicator of academic esteem.

Web of Science Cited Reference Search

  • To find out how many times a book has been cited by other books or articles, select the Cited References tab on the homepage


  • Scopus includes books and edited books. Click Document type from the results and select Book of Book Chapter. Available metrics include citations in Scopus and FWCI. See the Scopus content lists for more detail, including a list of books indexed.


  • Dimensions includes books, edited books and book chapters. Click Publication Type from the results screen and select Monograph, Edited Book, or Chapter.

Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar indexes books and book chapters from some publishers and is useful for tracking citations to books not indexed in Web of Science.

Alternative metric indicators or measures for books

Alternative measures may demonstrate the influence, reach or prestige of your books. For example:

My book titled "....", was first published in 2010 and is now in it's 3rd edition. It is held in 22 Australian libraries and an additional 10 international libraries (Trove, 10/10/2020) demonstrating its established relevance and reach in the discipline of ....

Quality publishers or editors

  • Highlight that your book has been published by a high quality, reputable publisher, or edited by a respected editor.
    Quality publisher lists may be compiled by funding bodies, professional associations or university faculties for their staff.
  • Global 50: the ranking of the publishing industry 2021 (PDF 6.18 MB)

Societal or Educational esteem

  • Holdings in local or international libraries
    • Worldcat : discovery service for North American and worldwide libraries
    • Trove : discovery service for Australian content and holdings of Australian libraries
  • Prizes or awards
  • Referenced in policy or practice documents   
  • University textbook included on syllabus/course reading lists - Open Syllabus
  • New editions or reprints
  • Translated into other languages
  • Mentions in the media - see more on Altmetrics

Book Reviews


  • Number of sales
  • Local and international sellers
  • Bestseller lists


  • Ask for statistics on downloads or loans of a particular title from selected libraries.