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Databases by Subject: Help/FAQ

This is a guide to finding databases by subject and faculty.

Accessing databases



Due to scheduled maintenance LexisNexis database will be unavailable on 10.11.2018, between 17:30 - 21:00 hours (UTC+11 hours).



More FAQs

Developing a search strategy

Interactive online module enabling you to develop the skills to search databases effectively (Approximate duration: 10 minutes.)

How to access databases and electronic resources

Staff and students use Monash computer account to login

Terms and conditions of use

The Library's electronic resources are governed by licence agreements which restrict use to the Monash community and to walk-in patrons Students and walk-in patrons must be responsible for limiting use to non-commercial academic research or learning purposes and must not systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information. Copyright and proprietary notices must not be removed from any printed or downloaded material and all use of material must be cited appropriately. The use of software, including scripts, agents or robots, is prohibited and may result in the loss of access to the resources for the entire Monash community. Users found to be in breach of these terms of use may be suspended from access to all purchased electronic resources. Users are also legally required to comply with any additional terms of use as specified in an electronic resource.

Staff should note that any use of electronic resources for teaching purposes must comply with the contractual terms of use of the electronic resource from which the material was sourced. Please contact if you have further questions.

Users found to be in breach of these terms of use will be suspended from access to all purchased electronic resources, and may suffer additional penalties in accordance with the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities by Students Policy and/or the Information Technology Use Policy - Staff and Other Authorised Users

Settings and tools

Accessing electronic resources at Monash

Electronic resources are available to Monash University staff and students and alumni members; see Terms and conditions.

On campus access

  1. Students and staff require a Monash computer account to access electronic resources
  2. Read the instructions for each resource carefully - in some cases you will need to use your Monash computer account to access a database specific password.
  3. Seek Help for access to, and finding resources.
  4. Resources that are only available on campus are not available via wireless. Refer to the information about each individual resource on the databases guide for more details.

Close your browser after completing your session at a shared workstation, to ensure that your Monash computer account details are cleared.

Off campus access

  1. Staff and students of Monash University may use most electronic resources from off campus.
  2. Use Search or the databases guide as a starting point.
  3. You will need your Monash computer account password for access. You should not need to change your proxy settings.
  4. Read the instructions for each resource carefully - in some cases you will need to use your Monash computer account to access a database specific password. Other resources may offer only limited coverage.
  5. Some resources offer limited coverage, or are only available on campus or from a branch library. Refer to the information about each individual resource on the databases guide for more details.
  6. Some electronic resources can be read on your mobile device. Please follow the vendor instructions for installing apps.

Monash University Library provides access to a wide range of electronic resources, including databases, electronic journals, web sites and information services. 


The Library recommends the use of Monash supported browsers.

Some functionality may not be available when using other browsers. The Library supports access using the hardware and software that are part of the Monash standard operating environment.

Note: IPv6 is currently not supported by providers for accessing licenced electronic resources.      


Recommended settings:  Cookies must be enabled for the service to work

Privacy settings - suggested setting for IE is medium; suggested privacy setting for Chrome and Firefox is to accept third party cookies until closing.

ProQuest Cookie: : Reset your ProQuest Session (remove PQ cookie from your browser) by using this link


Some resources use pop-up windows to display information. If your browser blocks pop-up messages, this may prevent some resources from working properly.

When you have discovered resources via a general search over the internet, typically you will be asked to subscribe and/or pay a fee to access the full-text content. You can use this bookmarklet to re-direct the web page to go through the Monash University Library electronic resources gateway, which will then allow you full-text access to the content. 

To create the Monash ezproxy bookmarklet

Drag and drop the Access via Monash button below to your browser's bookmark bar

Access via Monash


Create the bookmarklet manually:

  1. Copy the script below to text editor such as Notepad
  2. Create a Bookmark or Favorite by bookmarking a web page. Locate the bookmark and open it for direct editing:
    • For Firefox etc edit 'Name' field: enter suitable text eg 'Access via Monash'; in 'Location' field; paste the Notepad script over the URL
    • For Internet Explorer, edit 'General' and 'Web Document' tabs

Access via Monash script


To use the Monash ezproxy bookmarklet

  1. Search and discover electronic resources such as journal articles.
  2. Click the Bookmark or Favorite you just created. This will bring you to the Monash University Library electronic resources access gateway where you will be asked to enter your Monash computer account details.
  3. Enter your Monash computer account details and you should be able to access full-text via the Library's subscription.


This bookmarklet and user instructions are adopted from the information made available via pages (now archived) prepared by Dr Russell Anderson from Monash School of Physics. 

Use the EzProxy bookmarklet generator

This online generator will create a bookmarklet for any EzProxy URL entered. The Monash EzProzy URL for this tool is:

This tool is developed by Phil Wolstenholm.


Although the Library subscribe to many electronic resources there will be cases where no full-text access is granted even via the Library's gateway. In these cases, please contact the Library for other access options.


If you encounter an error message on your browser similar to this, override the security features of your browser and trust the content on the page. To do this, follow the instructions on this page. Instructions may vary depending on the browser you are using.

More browser tools

For more browser tools for using Library Search and other resources, visit the Search Library guide.


These utilities and tools are provided to make Search more useful and accessible for you, however, Monash University makes no warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, any express or implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or non-infringement.

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